Sunday, November 10, 2013

alay ko

isa kang alapaap na di
mapapawi sa puso, isipan at diwa
ng kahit sino man

ang iyong kariktan ay
di mapipinsala ng bagyo,
at hinagpis

ang pangako ng pag-asa
ay abot-kamay

ang halina ng ngiti mo
ay nagbibigay buhay
sa mga

higit kang matatag at
sa unos na iyong kinakaharap

ang aking buhay,
ang aking mga adhikain at mithiin ay
iniaalay ko sa iyo

tahakin muli natin ang
landas patungo sa
kinang ng mga tala
na may lakas
sa gitna ng kalungkutan
at kasiyahan
sa pagdurusa,
at pagpupunyagi

may awa ang Maykapal,
may busilak sa bawat patak ng iyong luha,

ikaw ang araw,
ikaw ang karagatan,
ikaw ang kalikasan,
ikaw ay buhay.

Please donate to the Haiyan typhoon victims:  Philippine Red Cross

Photography by Ms. Julia Sumangil
taken in Bohol, Philippines

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I remember how it is to remember a place 12,000 miles away.  The Pearl of the Orient, an archipelago with 7,107 islands splayed around like dots shimmering at night.

I remember the majestic crystal clear water of the sea that soothed my tired and weary mind replenishing me with enough zest to keep going.

Its turquoise blue waves carried me to a faraway land filled with vast opportunities and challenges so overwhelming, that place kept me rooted to my brown heritage.

I remember riding a jeepney full of commuters and almost falling off my seat as the driver navigated the busy streets of Davao.  As I gazed out of the window, I dreamt big dreams of happiness and good fortune.

I remember the mountains, verdant green, calming and inviting, a fortress that nestled endless surprises to travelers and wanderers.

I remember the glorious sunsets that transformed the skies into a spectacle of love and wonder.
Its image is imprinted in my heart so when I feel lonesome I can easily recall its majestic splendor and the world begins to feel right again.

I remember Nanay, her grace and calm demeanor stay faithful to her core enlivening my spirit.

I remember Zaila, my beacon of light, the reason for all of my hard work and perseverance to pursue my life's meaning and purpose.

I remember my family on Christmas day, heartwarming laughter, Noche Buena, togetherness, simplicity.  I was in the midst of pure joy.

I remember diving into the sea, a dreamscape, discovering a world bursting with radiant colors and fascinating creatures that made my heart smile.

I remember home…

Photography by Danny Santos

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013... a fresh start

may this new year bring wondrous surprises & astonishing moments filled with family & friends.
may this new year fortify your faith and belief that everything happens & will happen just in time.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012


"if you could only but see how miniscule your challenges compared to the graces brewing inside of you yet to be revealed."

i am thankful for...

my life and everything in it
my family
a good job
new friends
my soft, comfortable bed
endless possibilities
God's surprises
God's answers
hopeful future
random hugs and i love you's from my students
bright future
knowing my self more every single moment
travel, trips unimaginable
delayed gratification
letting go
loving endlessly, tirelessly
more plays to watch and enjoy
more shows
more art exhibits
more projects to be accomplished
my own place
moving to california
pursuing my dreams as a consultant
the belief that God is putting everything in place on my behalf
going places to eat and try new cuisines

everything that happens JUST IN TIME. 

every single day
every single chance i have
my northern sky
prayers yet to be answered
life slowly unfolding, coming together spectacularly

God's magnificence

Thursday, October 11, 2012

how to be masaya

one of my most favorite sport is googling.  i was so closed to googling how to be happy until i thought of writing it myself.  in 0.19 seconds, google gave me 2,400,000,000 results.  i bet none of it will come closest to the answers i seek.

someone once told me that i am so happy deep inside that i blush.  another quipped that i smile even when i am angry.  why shouldn't we be happy?  why should we wait for epiphany to knock on our doors to be consumed with joy?

happiness is nestling in a warm, soft, cozy bed after a long, productive day.

happiness is a tight hug.

happiness is looking up in the skies right before sunset, ogling the spectacular display of colors bursting splendidly for us to see.

happiness is the thought of home, of family awaiting one's return.

happiness is your motherland in spite of poverty, crimes, desperation, monstrosity... a beacon of light will continue to flicker people's hearts & minds.  happiness will prevail immensely.

happiness is breathing.

happiness is water.

happiness is zaila.  happiness is wondering if is she is already taller than i am.

and happiness, at times, takes a back seat to give way to sadness & sorrow & introspection -- from the fall blooms another season... another seed... a new adventure, challenges to face.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


i cannot think of anything to write.

where will i be in the next two years?

i dream of mountains.
i dream of the suspension bridge that cradled me when i first set foot
in this land,
and now slowly becoming a home.

i dream of vineyards,
i dream of someone
my very own
behind me.
beside me.
in front of me.

where will i be in the next two years?

i dream of a desk.
a notebook.
a pen.
a professor
teaching me how it is to
bring forth wealth...
that i may be a blessing
to countless others,
nameless faces,
strangers that
i may not
probably even meet.

i dream of you.
your laughter,
your energy,
you told me yesterday you want to meet
zac efron,
does he have blue eyes? or is it green?

i dream of you...
in less than 2 months
it will be your 16th birthday,

and i am here...and i am here... and i am here...not in any way near you...

and i shall tell you...and whisper...and mutter to the winds,
i am with you... i am still with flow within are in me...

Photography by Ms. Julia Sumangil